Hip Hop & R&B Artist.




23 year old Amir Maxx has always been a fan of rap and music first. Being a rapper and producer since the age of 15, Amir has always had a passion for making music. Formally known as AMC and The A.M., Amir has released a large amount of music throughout the years. As a college graduate from Umass Lowell, Amir has always had a strong interest in music news and rap. Along with this, Amir Maxx is also an avid content creator. Whether it be a short clip on his instagram or snapchat, or a youtube video, Amir Maxx creates content that makes many people tune in. His main focus is podcasting. His podcast, TempahZone Podcast with Amir Maxx, talks about rap news, music news, and features a special guest every episode. With an opinion and personality that cannot be duplicated, Amir Maxx is your source for  informative news and fun content.